About: Coffee and Blankets

Cozy blankets bring instant happiness; they bring warmth, they bring comfort, and they bring that deep feeling of contentment you have while lounging in bed on Saturday mornings with your partner or furry friend.  

I created Coffee and Blankets to inspire more slow and cozy weekends.  To give you one more reason your home is your favorite place to hang out. 

To those who greet each Saturday morning with "Let's stay home!", you're my inspiration.  I create each pattern and blanket with you in mind. 



About: Mindy

I'm obsessed with my adopted kitty, traveling, good skincare, and slow and cozy weekends.  I'm originally from the midwest, but my husband and I now live in sunny Phoenix, AZ.  When I'm not creating, I'm hanging out with my husband and kitty probably drinking coffee or whiskey.