Chambray Shift Dress Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

Blanket Scarf:  DIY (No Sew) Flannel Blanket Scarf Tutorial  | Boots: Sperry 

Blanket Scarf: DIY (No Sew) Flannel Blanket Scarf Tutorial | Boots: Sperry 

I fell in love with denim and chambray dresses a few months ago. I went on a pinning frenzy on Pinterest and a denim and chambray shopping frenzy (well it would have been a frenzy but it was nearly impossible to find what I was looking for). I had roughly 1 million great ideas but ended up settling for this cute and simple design. 

I wanted to wear on July 4th while I was in Denver with my husband. However, I decided to make it less than 24 hours before we left and it just wasn't as perfect as I wanted it to be before we had to leave for our flight. It didn't take me 24 hours to sew it, I just had to work it into a short 2 hour period and sometimes that's just not enough time.

I wanted a worn look and we all know that takes a few laundry cycles and some borrowed sandpaper from your husband. 

Chambray Shift Dress Pattern

I used our free shift dress pattern and just made one small adjustments. Subscribe to our email list for a free download of the pattern. It's super fast and easy!

Waist adjustment

Brace yourself, this adjustment is major. Kidding, kidding, kidding. The adjustments are so minor you probably only need a photo to recreate it yourself. 

Before you sew the side seams together, make a horizontal fold at the waist and sew a fake waist in. Do this on both sides. 

Optional: Taper the dress slightly based on your body measurements. I took my waist in by 1 inch on both sides.


How to add the worn look

You should have already washed the fabric before you sewed it, so consider that wash number one. Now send it through the laundry two more times (just whenever you're doing laundry). This helped soften the fabric up quite a bit for me.

After three laundry cycles grab some sandpaper and strategically sand in some areas. There isn't a right or wrong way to do this, but I sanded by the seams including the neck, arms, waist, and the hem. 

Mine is a little understated, but that's the look I was going for. It's pretty easy to give it that super worn in look. 

I borrowed the sandpaper from my husband-- it was a really fine grain and meant to be used on a power sander (no thanks). Generally any fine (er) grain sandpaper will do a great job.

And that's it! Be sure to check out the related posts for other shift dress ideas and pattern hacks!

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