Easy (DIY) Distressed Jeans Tutorial



Today, I've got a quick little DIY distressed jeans tutorial for you.  I am constantly amazed at the cost for nice looking distressed jeans, so I thought I would show you how easy it is to take a new (or old!) pair of jeans and create customized distressed jeans.  I typically do not love the look, on me, of a huge hole ripped in the thigh area of jeans, so distressing my own jeans allows me to keep that from happening.  I also fall closer to the very worn but not super obviously distressed side of the spectrum of this trend.  So you'll notice that the jeans I distressed are just that: slightly distressed.  But!  This tutorial will show you the steps for doing your own distressing, so you can choose just how far you want to go with it. :) 

The jeans I distressed are super old, but so comfy!  And they're kind of big on me, so they look more like boyfriend jeans.  But that's perfect for the look I wanted.  Since these are very worn, I didn't need to create a worn look with sandpaper, but you can do so if your jeans are new.

Materials Needed

  • Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Chalk or pencil for marking where you want to distress the jean
  • Tweezers
  • Sandpaper - if you're creating a worn look

1. Determine where you want to distress the jeans

Try on your jeans and mark with a pencil or chalk where you would like your distressing to happen.

2. Add a Worn Look

If you are adding a worn look to your jeans, use your sandpaper and gently sand over the area until you've achieved the worn look you want.

3. Add Small Cuts for a more Distressed look

Now you're ready for some careful cutting.  If you want a slightly distressed look, I would recommend making two cuts across the area that needs to be distressed.  

Make as many cuts as you want.  For the slightly distressed look I wanted, I cut two small straight lines slightly below my knee.  For a more distressed look, I would cut at least three straight lines.

Using the tweezers, pull out the vertical threads between cuts until you like how the distressing looks.  You can also use the tweezers to fray the edges of the cut until it looks how you want it to look.


Repeat this process in each area that you want distressed.  

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