DIY (No Sew) Flannel Blanket Scarf Tutorial

How to make a no sew blanket scarf

How to make a no sew blanket scarf

I LOVE blanket scarves. I bought my first one at Target (it's black and white of course) in 2012 and it's been my most worn scarf every fall/winter since then. I've been contemplating adding a second blanket scarf to my wardrobe, but I hate clutter (seriously, clutter is the worst) so I just told myself I don't really need another one.

However, Joann's has some really great flannel right now and I couldn't resist buying a bit of the red and black flannel.

It's so warm.

It's so comfortable.

It's so casual.

It's so fall. 

It was so easy. And I'm in love. 

What you need

  • 1 yard of woven fabric (flannel is great, but not required)
  • Scissors
  • Pin or seam picker
  • One hour in front of the TV with your favorite show


1. Lay the yard of fabric out flat.

Ensure your fabric rectangle or square is cut straight. If you use flannel, this will be easy to do.

If you don't use flannel folding the fabric in half will help.

Note: If your fabric isn't cut straight, it will take forever to fray the edge (and it will be uneven). 

2. Fray the edges (or only 2 edges if you're like me).

Since this is woven fabric, take a pin or a seam picker and start pulling vertical thread out. I wasn't able to do more than two threads at a time, so this is definitely the most time consuming part of it. 

Although, nothing about a blanket scarf is time consuming. 

My fringe is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch, however, you can easily it make bigger or smaller. I went shorter since I didn't want to fray all four edges. 

UPDATE: I frayed all four edges to create a 1/2 inch fringe all around. To keep the edges from fraying more during wear, I added fray block on the four corners on both sides. Just use a very small dot that holds some of the intersecting corner fringe.

If you fray all four edges I recommend only hand washing the scarf.

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Mindy Meyer