Easy Striped Sweater Tutorial

How to Sew a Casual Sweater

How to Sew a Casual Sweater

We've been working on an upcoming project for a few months,  and as part of that I've been sampling the most amazing fabrics (bought and paid for by us). This striped cotton fabric is the best fabric I've worked with to date.

I wore this sweater for about three days straight after I made it. It is so comfortable and warm-- basically the perfect sweater for a long flight. And for every you ever do in life.

What You Will Need

  • 1-1 1/2 yards of stretch knit fabric (I would do at least 30% stretch)
  • Standard sewing tools
  • Use this tutorial to create your base pattern. Use the following pattern adjustments to recreate this sweater.

Pattern Adjustments

1. Lengthen the sleeves

I lengthen the sleeves on this sweater by about 5 inches.

I also added a 2.5 inch to hem the sleeves which made them closer to full length sleeves.

Your sleeve hem should be about 3/4 to 1 inch tighter than your sleeve. Stretch the hem as you sew.

2. Widen the neckline

Widen your neckline based on your specific measurements. For reference, mine is about 26 inches around. If you're new to pattern adjustments copy the neckline of an existing sweater you own.

Instead of a turtleneck, use internal facing to finish your neckline as pictured.

3. Finishing the Hem

To create the fitted bottom hem, your sweater hem should be about 2 inches tighter than the bottom of your sweater. Stretch the hem as you sew.

Don't forget to press the seams as you go!

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