Is it Okay to Paint Furniture Blue? | VLOG

Painting Furniture for the First Time | VLOG

Painting Furniture for the First Time | VLOG

My husband and I bought our first house two years after college.  Since we didn't want to buy a fixer upper we just decided we would put all our money towards the actual home and we just wouldn't buy furniture anytime soon.

So the house we lived in for almost two years in St. Louis was never furnished.  We had some furniture that was gifted to us from my husband's parents, a table from my old apartment in Indianapolis, and we bought a bed.  Other than that we never furnished or decorated our house in St. Louis. 

Here are some photos of our first house that I pulled from Zillow. It makes my heart hurt to look at them.  Is it hard leaving every home you own or just your first one? 

Our Bedroom (we never bought an actual bed frame or hung any photos). 

Our living room that never had any furniture. Although, when it was super cold outside we would start a fire in the fire place and carry our mattress to the living room for a slumber party.  I believe that's how we spent NYE 2014 and it was so much fun. 

My husband's basement man cave. The only room with actual furniture and where we spent 98% of our time.    

Blue Home Decor and Furniture

Blue Home Decor and Furniture

ANYWAY, moving on before I cry....

When we moved to Phoenix we decided we were going to furnished this house. However, I tend to become paralyzed when I have a completed blank slate.  Furnished a home from scratch is so intimidating that I've yet to buy or hang my first wall art.  

I could go on and on about why I haven't decorated yet but the reality is I have a hard time trusting my vision when it comes to home decor. 

Over the weekend, I made a resolution to just start.  No matter how small or how long it takes, I just want to start working on making our house a home.

So first up, is it okay to paint furniture blue?!

Paint Color Dark Denim Matte by Behr

Paint Color Dark Denim Matte by Behr

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