Quick and Easy Holiday Dress

Quick and Easy Holiday Dress Tutorial

Quick and Easy Holiday Dress Tutorial

How to sew a quick and easy holiday dress.

How to sew a quick and easy holiday dress.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! I love everything about the holiday season. The family time, the cookies, the music, the wonderful decorations, and the reason we celebrate. It really is a magical time. 

My husband and I always travel to be with our families over the holidays so I have to be pretty strategic about my holiday outfits well in advance. We have quite a few holiday events in 4-5 days and it's a never ending swirl of holiday magic going to each one. There is rarely time to stop and think about my outfit!

This dress is so comfortable, cozy, and will still be flattering after 3 big holiday meals. Which is the goal for all my clothes, let's be real.

Quick and Easy Holiday Dress Tutorial

What you will need:

  • 2 yards of stretch knit fabric 
  • Standard sewing tools
  • 2-3 hours to sew the dress


Use this tutorial for the base pattern. It's such an easy pattern and won't take long to create specific to your measurements!

Pattern Modification:

1. Length the front and back pieces 

Determine how long you want your dress to be. Measure from the nap of your neck down to help you determine this. Don't forget to add seam allowance to this number.

Adjust the length of the front and back pattern with your new length measurements.

That's it. It's only one modification so how is that for quick and easy!

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