Tank Top Pattern and Tutorial

This could also be called a sleeveless blouse, since it can be dressed up with the right accessories.  I've been wearing it with khaki or cuffed jean shorts this summer, but I'm looking forward to wearing it with cardigans or a blazer this winter.


The fabric for this shirt was a remnant that I had left in my fabric stash from a project that I completed a long time ago.  It is a silky peachskin fabric, but since it's been so long since I bought it, I'm not sure this is the exact color, but I'm linking to a similar color in the same fabric.

The pattern for this shirt is a modified version of our free shift dress pattern.  The shoulder width is narrower by .5 inch on either side and the waist width is wider by 1 inch instead of following the natural waist curve on the shift dress pattern.  This creates a garment that flows away from the body and hangs loosely close to the waist.  I also changed the pattern to create a scooped hem in the front and back of the garment.  If you prefer a straight hem, just use your measurements to determine the length of your shirt.  

1. Create your new base pattern

Grab some paper for your pattern and lay the shift dress pattern on it to mark your new pattern.  For the back scooped hem, my measurement from the nape of my neck to the middle of the scoop is 24 inches and the side seam length is 12 inches.  

For the front of the shirt, the measurement from the middle of the neck to the middle of the scooped hem is 20.5 inches and the side seam length is 12 inches.  

To create the scooped hem, mark the front  and side measurements and then draw a slight curve from one point to the next.  

Do the same for the front and back pattern pieces.  Or just do the scooped hem on the back pattern and do a straight hem on the front.  It's up to you!  Use your creative license to create a garment that YOU will love.

2. Create your facing pieces

Use your new pattern to make facing pieces for the neckline of your shirt.  Lay your pattern pieces on whatever paper you are using to make your pattern (I prefer wax or tissue paper-or newspaper in a pinch!) and mark the neckline, then add 3 inches out from the marked line.  Since this is a sleeveless shirt, you will also need to create facing pieces for the armscye.  

3. Cut the pieces out of your fabric

Lay your pattern pieces on whatever fabric you've chosen.  Pin the pattern to the fabric or mark it with a fabric pen or chalk.  Make sure you lay each piece on the fold to mark and cut it.  If you are using a silky peachskin like I did, use a pinking shears when you cut the shirt pieces to keep it from fraying.  Alternatively, you can serge the seams if you have a serger.  

4. Sewing Instructions

  1. Pin the front and back shoulder pieces on each side and sew with a .25 inch seam allowance.   
  2. Pin and sew the side seams.
  3. Before you sew the facing pieces on the neckline or armscye, press the shoulder and side seams.  
  4. Complete the facing pieces on the neckline and armscye, making sure to press each seam as you sew it.
  5. All you have left is the hem of your garment.  If you want add a lace hem, see this tutorial.
  6. Do a final press of your garment and get ready to feel fabulous in your new shirt!

Sewing TutorialAmy Mocas