How to Use a Twin Needle

Hey!  Happy Friday!!  I hope you have weekend plans that involve boots, lattes, blanket scarves, and lots of gazing at the GORGEOUS fall colors.  If you live where the leaves change colors, that is. ;) 

I'm checking in with a super short, quick little video about how you can use a twin needle for sewing a double seam (which can lend a more professional, polished look to finished hems) even if your machine does not have two spool posts.  


  1. The twin needle I use is this one from Joann Fabrics, but most fabric stores carry them.
  2. Sewing machine (if your machine has two spool posts, just use two spools of thread)
  3. Scissors
  4. Thread
  5. 3 bobbins, filled with the same thread

That's it!  Enjoy the video!  And your weekend!  

Amy Mocas