Dress to Peplum Top // Tutorial

From my engagement pictures to my sister's senior pictures. Dress or peplum top-- it's the most flattering color and oh so comfortable. 

Last fall I was over my head with work and (per usual) another area of my life took the brunt of the chaos-- specifically my clothes. I may or may not have ruined two dresses in the laundry. In one week. 

There is something about shrinking clothes in the laundry that makes me feel so bad. Maybe because I know I ruined something by just being careless? I was determined to salvage this dress and decided to refashion it to a peplum top. 

It was such an easy refashion and I almost like it better as a peplum top than a dress. 


1.  Measure the length of your torso and determine how long you want the final length of the top to be. 

2.  Measure the length of the dress and determine how many inches you need to get rid of.

3.  Determine how long you want the fringe to be on the peplum top (mine is 6 inches)// Add 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

4.  Cut the bottom of the dress to the appropriate length (bottom dotted line on the dress).

5.  Subtract that bottom length from the final length (number you determined in step 1 minus length of bottom section).

6.  Mark and make the final cut across the dress (see first dotted line).

  • You can toss the middle section of material (session between the dotted lines).

Peplum Top-04.png

7.  Sew a loose stitch across the bottom section and gather until it fits the size of the top piece.

8. Alight and pin the bottom section on the top piece. Sew along the loose stitch.

9. Remove the pins as you sew. Press the seam and ensure the length is perfect.

10. Finish the seam with a pinking shears or serger. 

What about you? What are some of the clothing heartbreaks you managed to salvage?

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